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To Stop Black Money Around the World!

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About The Eva Series

The Eva Series is a combination of mobile game apps and short films focused on black money. The purpose is to stop the many trails of black money, teach young game players forensic skills and compete through player-to-player game interaction. The first round of the mobile game apps coming soon -

-Eva Berlin        -Eva Banks          -Eva Hajjaj            -Eva Poacher

Throughout the Eva series, you will have the opportunity to track down and interrupt black money as it flows through banks, hawala’s and the suitcases of the money movers. You will attack the warlords, arms dealers, kingpins, drug lords and wartime entrepreneurs. Black money is an invisible enemy. It creates the most powerful and wealthy individuals through activities like money laundering, smuggling, counterfeiting, terrorism and poaching. Warring nations may even use it to destabilize economies and cause widespread financial collapse.

The Eva Series brings to millions of game players and millions of film watchers through distribution channels free from the walls of corrupt leaders and violence.

Prepare to team up with legendary forensic accounting expert Thomas Creal as you travel the world to put an end to the flow of black money. Drop into hideaways, banks and war zones, infiltrate a facility, hack computers or engage in full combat against a vicious enemy. Gather evidence critical to eliminating major targets.

Put an end to international black money today – play and compete with The Eva Series.