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Bankrupt the Enemy - Win the War

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When the time comes to take action, there's no waiting around. Jump on board with legendary forensic accountant Thomas Creal and travel the world to find and exterminate black money.

Enter locations across the globe searching for evidence no matter what stands in the way. Navigate through war zones and the corporate world to document the proof you need to bring these warlords down. Use cutting edge technology to access this information and perform forensics to uncover those hiding behind the money. Not all cases are alike. Some will challenge your critical thinking and observation skills while others turn to a fight for survival against armed combatants.

Play Eva Berlin – follow the black money through the European Union

Play Eva Banks – blow the roof off the international banks that hide and move black money

Play Eva Hajjaj – uncover the trails of terrorism financing and join with the military special ops

Play Eva Poacher – help save the elephants and rhinos by stopping the black money of the illicit ivory trade

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