Grand Premier for Black Money Games

Prepare to team up with legendary forensic accounting expert Thomas Creal as you travel the world to put an end to the flow of black money. Drop into hideaways, banks and war zones, infiltrate a facility, hack computers or engage […]


Michael Franzese Ministries Joins The Eva Series

Michael Franzese, former mob boss and worldwide speaker quickly jumped onboard with The Eva Series in the development of Eva Berlin and Eva Hajjaj. Along with his knowledge and energy, he will also bring through churches worldwide visibility to millions of […]


Featuring real content from international experts, black money ops mobile game ‘The Eva Series’ to launch soon

A collection of mobile games called “The Eva Series” will focus on attacking black money around the world and use top international experts for real content, the makers of the games, EVA2020 announced today. Thomas Creal, former United Nations panel expert and […]