The team

The Eva2020 Team

The team

Thomas Creal

Thomas Creal is a recognized expert in the field of int’l forensic accounting, asset tracing and recovery of illicit funds, advising developing nations on financial protocols and prosecuting war crimes. He was the lead expert for Task Force 2010 in Afghanistan.

The team

International Experts

On the ground people around the world, both in conflict zones and in the hot bed areas for black money movers; plus experts in legal actions, case preparation and understanding the dynamics of civil resolutions.

The team

Michael Franzese

Michael Franzese is a former notorious New York mobster, the son of the Underboss of New York’s violent and feared Colombo crime family who made more money for the mob than anyone but Al Capone. Today he’s on the other side as a motivational speaker who found God.

The team

Matko Vladimir

Due to the secrecy of the business and the need for security, Mr. Vladimir cannot share a photo. Matko was one the core group founders that toppled Milosevic, stirred in large measure by Serbian youth acting through a grass-roots movement called Otpor.


We are a team of experts from many different disciplines with the same goal of exposing the black money market, providing game platforms and disrupting the illicit chain of commerce.

We have global networks of fellow experts, at schools, in countries, church affiliations around the world, and we team with film crews, legal experts, political groups are for the goal of bankrupting the enemy and winning the war on terrorism.